What a lovely idea! Sure! Please enter her address into the delivery address bar – that’s it! You’ll receive the invoice only digitally anyway, as I think a printed invoice isn’t necessary. We should save these ressources. 

I want to surprise my best friend, who lives far away, with a calLigraphy artwork. Could you send it directly to her?

Yes, I do. But after my time in the wedding industry I noticed that most of my clients love my style, but don’t have the time you need to spend for designing a custom suite. The process includes a lot of phone calls, meetings, decisions have to be made, etc. If you truly are looking for this kind of experience, I’m your woman! Please send me your inquiries via email. But if you feel overwhelmed – the Semi Custom Collection is just perfect for you! Invididual elements, hand calligraphed, but with these certain basic elements to make the process easy and hustle-free. 

Do you offer custom wedding invitations too?

I need help with ordering our wedding invitations...

I’m here for you! Let’s plan a helping phone call, just reach out to me via email. You can simply use the contact form above. 

Do you really paint everything by yourself?

YES, 100%. #artistsheart.

How can I order a portrait?

All I need is a photo of the two of you or 2 separate photos. I'll draw the portrait with your photo is template. Order HERE.

Fully custom invitations start at €1.800,-. Invitations from the Semi Custom Collection start at around €800,-. What's ordered most of the times: Design HELENA, 75 pieces, cotton paper, golden hot foil, handmade paper wraps, pre-made wax seal = approx. €2.000,-.

how much does a wedding invitation cost approx.?

Depending on the paper choice, printing option choice and add-on it takes about 3 to 8 weeks to be finished & shipped. The shipping within Austria takes around 2 working days, to Germany around 5 working days, e.g.. 

How long does it take to receive our finished wedding invitations?